Curriculum Vitae

McMaster University, KTH-419
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada L9S 4M4
Phone: +1 905 525 9140 ext. 23819
Citizenship: Spanish, Canadian Permanent Resident

2013: Ph.D. Economics, IDEA - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Supervisor: Juan Carlos Conesa Roca
Visiting the University of Minnesota (Fall 2011) and Minneapolis Fed (August 2012)
2010: M.A. Economics, IDEA - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Supervisor of the Master Thesis: Juan Carlos Conesa Roca
2008: B.A. Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

2013 - present: Assistant Professor, McMaster University

∙ Capital Accumulation and the Welfare Gains from Trade (with W. J. Brooks), Economic Theory, forthcoming.
∙ Quantitative Trade Models: Developments and Challenges (with T. J. Kehoe and J. Rossbach), Annual Review of Economics, vol. 9, August 2017, 295-325.
∙ Fiscal Discipline and Defaults (with G. Fernandez de Cordoba and J. L. Torres), Review of Economic Dynamics, vol. 24, March 2017, 1-13 (lead article).
∙ The Opportunity Costs of Entrepreneurs in International Trade (with T. J. Kehoe and K. J. Ruhl), Economics Letters, vol. 146, September 2016, 1-3.
∙ Policy Distortions and Aggregate Productivity: the Role of Idiosyncratic Shocks (with J. M. Da-Rocha), The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, vol. 11 (Topics), Article 35, 2011.

In Spanish
∙ Eficiencia y Equilibrio en un Modelo de Formación de Derechos de Propiedad (with J. M. Da-Rocha and J. Sempere), El Trimestre Económico, vol. LXXXI (3), núm. 323, julio-septiembre, 2014, 579-593.

Not peer-reviewed
∙ Improving the Analysis of Trade Policy (with T. J. Kehoe and J. Rossbach), Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Economic Policy Paper, 18-1, January 2018.

Working Papers
∙ The Canadian Productivity Stagnation, 2002-2014 (with J. C. Conesa), R&R Canadian Journal of Economics.
∙ Nonlinear Gravity (with W. J. Brooks), R&R International Economic Review.
∙ Trade Policy Reform and Firm-level Productivity Growth: Does the Choice of Production Function Matter? (with J. M. Kealey and C. Sosa-Padilla).
∙ The Measured Productivity Disconnect (with W. J. Brooks and T. J. Kehoe).
∙ A Simple Method to Solve Heterogeneous-Firm Trade Models (with T. J. Kehoe and K. J. Ruhl).
∙ Optimal Design and Quantitative Evaluation of the Minimum Wage (with Z. L. Mahone).
∙ Vessel Dynamics, ITQ’s and Endogenous Fleet Distributions (with J. M. Da-Rocha and J. Touza), Working Document for STECF- EWG1107. Hamburg, June, 2011.

∙ 2018 (including scheduled): University of Wilfried Laurier, University of Georgetown - Qatar.
∙ 2017: University of Calgary, Bank of Canada, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory (Faro), Society of Economic Dynamics (Edinburgh), University of Guelph, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
∙ 2016: Keynote Lecture at Barcelona Graduate School of Economics Jamboree, Universitat de Girona, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, "Productivity, Aggregate Efficiency and Labor: Latest Advances" (Notre Dame), University of Windsor, Western University, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, Banco de México, Simposio de la Asociación Española de Economía (Bilbao).
∙ 2015: Michigan State University, Stony Brook University, Universidad de Murcia, Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory (Cambridge).
∙ 2014: Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory (Tokyo), Brock University, University of Waterloo, Ryerson University.
∙ 2013: McMaster University, University of Missouri, University of Konstanz, University of Mannheim, LMU Munich, Barcelona GSE Forum, York University.
∙ 2012: ENTER Jamboree (Tilburg), XVII Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics (Soutomaior), European Winter Meeting of the Econometric Society (Konztanz), Simposio de la Asociación Española de Economía (Vigo).
∙ 2011: Universidade de Vigo, XVI Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics (Soutomaior), European Workshop on General Equilibrium Theory (Bayona).

Referee for
The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, Economic Inquiry, Journal of International Economics, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Journal of Applied Economics, Economica, Economics Letters, Economic Theory, The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, International Economic Review, Canadian Journal of Economics, Economic Journal.

∙ "International R&D Spillovers and Asset Prices," by Ana Maria Santacreu and Federico Gavazzoni, CMSG, 2015.
∙ "Access to Intermediate Inputs: Costs, Variety and Quality Impacts," by Alla Lileeva and Daniel Trefler, CEA meetings, 2015.
∙ "Quality Upgrading and Price Heterogeneity: Evidence from Brazilian Manufacturing Exporters," by Lissandra Flach, ENTER Jamboree 2011.

Graduate supervision
∙ Terry Yip, McMaster University, 2018. Advisor: Johri.  Committee: Letendre and myself.
∙ Mahbub M. Rahman, McMaster University, 2018. Advisor: Johri. Committee: Letendre and myself.
∙ Muhebullah Karimzada, McMaster University, 2018. Advisor: Johri. Committee: Letendre and myself.
∙ Stephanie Houle, McMaster University, 2018. Co-advisors: Veall and myself. Committee: Raveendranathan.
∙ John M. Kealey, McMaster University, 2016. Advisor: Racine. Committee: Sosa-Padilla and myself.
∙ Ramses Y. Armendáriz, University of Minnesota, 2015. Advisor: Kehoe. Co-advisor: myself.

Conference and workshop organization
∙ Co-organizer of the Annual Workshop of South Ontario Macro Economists, McMaster University, 2017, Hamilton, Ontario.
∙ Co-organizer of the Junior Faculty Workshop at McMaster, McMaster University, 2016, Hamilton, Ontario.
∙ Co-organizer of the Workshop on International Economics, McMaster University, 2015, Hamilton, Ontario.
∙ Co-organizer of the Canadian Macroeconomics Study Group meetings, McMaster University, 2014, Hamilton, Ontario.
∙ External organizer of Productivity, Aggregate Efficiency and Labor: Latest Advances, University of Notre Dame du Lac, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, South Bend, Indiana.
∙ Organizer of the McMacro seminar series at McMaster University, 2013, 2014.

Contributions to blogs
∙ No tenemos buenos modelos para predecir el impacto del proteccionismo (with T. J. Kehoe and J. Rossbach), Foco Económico, May 2nd, 2017.
∙ Predecir el impacto de comercio sobre las industrias de un país: no lo hacemos bien, pero podemos mejorar (with T. J. Kehoe and J. Rossbach), Nada es Gratis, May 18th, 2017. 
 Cuñadismo estilizado (sobre la fracción del PIB que se llevan los trabajadores), Nada es Gratis, December 26th, 2017.

Teaching Experience
McMaster University, Department of Economics
∙ Economics Specialist Seminar (4AA3), Winter 2017, 2018.
∙ Advanced Economic Theory II (4TT3), Winter 2017, 2018.
∙ International Trade, Development and Investment (751), Fall 2016, 2017, Winter 2016.
∙ Honours Seminar in Economics (4A03), Winter 2016.
∙ International Trade (3HH3), Fall 2014, Winter 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.
∙ Topics in International Economics (753, joint with Prof. Demidova), Winter 2014.
∙ International Trade, Development and Investment (751, joint with Prof. Demidova), Fall 2013.
∙ Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics (742, joint with Prof. Johri), Fall 2013, Winter 2016.
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Unit of Foundations of Economic Analysis (Teaching Assistant)
∙ Macroeconomics II (Graduate), Spring 2012.
∙ Macroeconomics (Undergraduate), Spring 2012.
∙ Dynamic General Equilibrium Macroeconomics (Graduate), Fall 2012.
∙ Macroeconomics I (Graduate), Fall 2010.
∙ Advanced Macroeconomics II (Undergraduate), Spring 2010 and Spring 2011.
∙ Econometrics (Undergraduate), Fall 2009.
Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (Lecturer)
∙ Computation II (Master), Spring 2012.
Institut de Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (Teaching Assistant)
∙ International Economics (Master), Fall 2009.
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Department of Economics and Business (Teaching Assistant)
∙ Microeconomics II (Undergraduate), Spring 2008.

Awards & Fellowships
∙ Partnership to Study Productivity, Firms and Incomes as supported by the SSHRC, 2016-2022 (co-PI, PI: Mike Veall).
∙ McMaster Incentive Grant, 2015.
∙ Research Assistant Position - Summer 2014 (joint with C. Sosa-Padilla), position given to John M. Kealey.
∙ Arts Research Board, New Research Grant, 2013.
∙ Workshop Prize, XVI Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics, 2011.
∙ Urrutia Elejalde Foundation Award for Excellence in Doctoral Studies, 2010.
∙ Fellowship Formación de Personal Investigador - Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad, 2009-2013.
∙ Fellowship Formació de Personal Investigador - UAB, 2008-2009.
∙ Proves Cangur 11th position 2004 - Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques.
∙ First Prize in Social Sciences Research 2004 - Universitat Abat Oliba.
∙ Proves Cangur 2nd position 2003 - Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques.

Departmental Administrative Responsibilities
∙ Advisory Member of the Hiring Committee of the Department of Economics, McMaster University, 2016-2018.
∙ Member of the ad-hoc Website Committee of the Department of Economics, McMaster University, 2016-2017.
∙ Member of the Research Committee of the Department of Economics, McMaster University, 2014-2018.
∙ Departmental Representative to School of Graduate Studies Theses Defences, 2013-2014: Chair of the Examining Committee of Thesis Defense for Michelle Cadieux (Psychology) and Derek Chu (Medical Sciences).

∙ Languages: Catalan (Native), Spanish (Native), English (Fluent), French (Intermediate).
∙ Translation into Catalan and into Spanish of "Fiscal policy in the EMU" by Paraskevi (Evi) Pappa. Opuscles del CREI.