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I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics of McMaster University

New and revised papers

∙ The Canadian Productivity Stagnation, 2002-2014 (with J. C. Conesa) --- R&R Canadian Journal of Economics.
Excel file with the data.

∙ Improving the Analysis of Trade Policy (with T. J. Kehoe and J. Rossbach), Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Economic Policy Paper, 18-1, January 2018.

- Online Appendix for Routine Manual Labor Market Construction.

Capital Accumulation and the Welfare Gains from Trade (with W. J. Brooks), Economic Theory, forthcoming.

Nonlinear Gravity (with W. J. Brooks) --- R&R International Economic Review.

Quantitative Trade Models: Developments and Challenges (with T. J. Kehoe and J. Rossbach), Annual Review of Economics, vol. 9, August 2017, 295-325.
Blog post by the three authors in Foco Económico talking about the paper, in Spanish.
- Blog post by the three authors in Nada es Gratis talking about the paper, in Spanish.

Conferences co-organized and visits
 2014 Canadian Macroeconomics Study Group
∙ 2015 Workshop in International Economics
∙ 2016 Junior Faculty Workshop
∙ 2017 Annual Workshop of South Ontario Macro Economists (A.W.S.O.M.E.)
∙ 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Productivity, Aggregate Efficiency and Labor: Latest Advances (a.k.a. "The P.A.E.L.L.A. workshop")
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