The Canadian Productivity Stagnation, 2002-2014 (with J. C. Conesa) --- R&R Canadian Journal of Economics
Excel file with the data.
Nonlinear Gravity (with W. J. Brooks) --- R&R International Economic Review
Trade Policy Reform and Firm-level Productivity Growth: Does the Choice of Production Function Matter? (with J. M. Kealey and C. Sosa-Padilla)

Work in progress
∙ The Measured Productivity Disconnect (with W. Brooks and T. J. Kehoe)
∙ A Simple Method to Solve Heterogeneous-Firm Trade Models (with T. J. Kehoe and K. J. Ruhl)
∙ Is the Neoclassical Growth Model Useful even after the Labor Share Decline? (with Z. L. Mahone and J. Naval)
∙ Trade Across Stages of Development (with J. C. Conesa, M. J. Delventhal and G. Raveendranathan)

Capital Accumulation and the Welfare Gains from Trade (with W. J. Brooks)Economic Theory, forthcoming.
Link to working paper. 
Quantitative Trade Models: Developments and Challenges (with T. J. Kehoe and J. Rossbach), Annual Review of Economics, vol. 9, August 2017, 295-325. 
Link to NBER Working Paper 22706.
Fiscal Discipline and Defaults (with G. Fernandez de Cordoba and J. L. Torres), Review of Economic Dynamics, vol. 24, March 2017, 1-13. 
Link to working paper.
The Opportunity Costs of Entrepreneurs in International Trade (with T. J. Kehoe and K. J. Ruhl), Economics Letters, vol. 146, September 2016, 1-3. 
Link to NBER Working Paper 22514.
Policy Distortions and Aggregate Productivity: the Role of Idiosyncratic Shocks (with J. M. Da-Rocha), The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, 11(1), Topics, 35, 2011.

In Spanish
Eficiencia y Equilibrio en un Modelo de Formación de Derechos de Propiedad (with J. M. Da-Rocha and J. Sempere), El Trimestre Económico, vol. LXXXI (3), núm. 323, julio-septiembre, 2014, 579-593.

Not peer-reviewed
We Can Improve the Analysis of Trade Policy (with T. J. Kehoe and J. Rossbach), Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Economic Policy Paper, accepted. 

Old working papers
Vessel Dynamics, ITQ’s and Endogenous Fleet Distributions (with J. M. Da-Rocha and J. Touza), Working Document for STECF- EWG1107. Hamburg, June 2011.