Policy Distortions and Aggregate Productivity: The Role of Idiosyncratic Shocks (with J.M. Da-Rocha), The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics: Vol. 11: Iss. 1 (Topics), Article 35, 2011

Winner of the Workshop Prize, XVI Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics, 2011

In Spanish

Eficiencia y Equilibrio en un modelo de formación de derechos de propiedad (with J.M. Da-Rocha and J. Sempere), El Trimestre Económico, vol. LXXXI (3), núm. 323, julio-septiembre

Working Papers

        Working Document for STECF- EWG1107. Hamburg, June 2011. 

Work in progress

 Measured Productivity in Trade Models with Heterogeneous Firms (with W. Brooks and T. Kehoe)